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Bicycle Campaign – Midt-Telemark Municipality

Bicycle Campaign – Midt-Telemark Municipality

Picture of a bicycle and with the text "Bicycle campaign".  - Klikk for stort bildeBicycle campaign       

Students that officially move to Midt-Telemark Municipality can apply to receive a gift certificate for a bicycle and other advantages, however, please keep in mind the requirements:

•    The application period is from August 15. – february 1.
•    Students must plan to live in Midt-Telemark Municipality at least one full year,
so the Bicycle Campaign is primarily available for degree seeking students, not exchange students under most circumstances.
•    New international students must complete the entire registration process through the police registration (except Nordic citizens) and Tax Office (Moving to Norway from Abroad) before applying.
Here is more information from the tax office on what is required to get a national identity number.

How to get a national identity number

•    In addition, each student must order a residence certificate from the Tax Office (called Bostedsattest in Norwegian). A housing contract is not sufficient to use.

Order residence certificate

When all the papers are in order, you can registrate here:


Keep in mind that you need these documents to registrate:

1. A copy of your student ID with paid semester fee/or a confirmation from USN that you are a student at the univercity
2. Residence certificate (called Bostedsattest in Norwegian). A housing contract is not sufficient, nor a preliminary confirmation by email from the tax authorities.

Expected response

As long as you have submitted the correct documents and meet the campaign's criteria, you will receive a response within four weeks as to whether the registration has been approved.
Inadequate registrations with incorrect documents can lead to your case not being processed.
We point out that answers from the municipality may end up in your email's spam instead of in your inbox.

Upon approved registration, you will receive an email confirming this and you can then contact the service office in Midt-Telemark municipality at the town hall with the submission of the email with confirmation and your ID card (bank card with name and picture, studente id or driver license) for handing out your gift cards for bicycles and cinema visits.

There can be somewhat longer processing time during public holidays and vacations.


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